In this video we'll explain what PointsPrizes is and how you can use this site to earn free gift cards, cash payments and make money online.

But how can PointsPrizes afford to reward users?

Advertisers are willing to reward our members for learning about new brands, aiding in customer research and trying out unfamiliar products or services.

Earning Points

In this video you'll learn how to earn points with PointsPrizes. Reach your goal and you'll be able to claim a prize from our huge selection.

What is the fastest way to earn points?

The best method for earning points can vary, depending on where you live and what methods you're willing to try out.

Referral Points

In this video you'll learn how to earn referral points by sharing links on online videos, websites and forums.

How do I get referral points?

Subscribe to our newsletter and we'll send you tutorials, teaching you how to earn referral points.

Converting Offers

In this video we'll explain how to earn points by convert offers.

Do offers always convert?

If you live in a wealthy country it's possible that offers will convert extremely well for you. In some other countries it might take some persistence to reach your goals.

Claiming Prizes

In this video we'll explain how to claim prizes, once you've reached your desired points goal.

What prizes can I claim?

Some of our prizes can only be used in certain countries, while others can be used internationally. We also provide direct cash and bitcoin payments as an alternative to gift codes.

Prize Delivery

In this video you'll learn about the prize delivery process, including wait times.

How long do prizes take to deliver?

Generally we ask users to wait for some days before delivery. This allows us to minimize fraud and therefore maximize conversion rates for our users.